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【格外農品】大紅紅龍果果茶醬Red Dragon Fruit Jam

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The ingredients of red dragon fruit jam include only red dragon fruits, extra light sugar, lemon juice, and no-added pectin. We select dragon fruits which are small or have some scabs owing to the weather condition as the quality remains good.

Red dragon fruits absorb summer sunlight and contain a lot of betalain in vivid colors. The jam with lower degree of processing retains natural adhesive strength. The flavor features the sweetness of the dragon fruit , a little sourness, and light green grass fragrance. The seeds also enrich the mouthfeel. It is applicable for yogurt or making into oil and vinegar sauce for salads.




Net weight :260±9g 

This product is vacuum packed. A jar of the unopened red dragon fruit jam can be preserved for 12 months at room temperature. After opening it, please preserve it in a refrigerator and finish eating it as soon as possible.





The dragon fruits are grown in Shanshang District, Tainan City. The planter Mr. Zhi-Jie Wang ended his career in waste treatment because of the financial crisis and returned to his native land to take over the farm passed down from the ancestors. The farm is on an upland with good drainage system and lower risk of being contaminated by the neighboring farm. Mr. Zhi-Jie Wang expanded the farm to 8 hectares and widen the space between the plants for the machine’s convenience to work on the farm. Moreover, he also installed automatic plant sprinklers, applies vegetative cultivation, uses bagging to decrease the number of pests, and stores the fruits in refrigerators to maintain the freshness and the quality. In addition, he buy bagasses from Taisugar company to be fertilizer, so the dragon fruits have strong sweet flavor with a little sugar cane aroma.


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