1. 檸檬 半顆 

  2. 生態綠純黑即溶咖啡 一包

  3. 常溫水 20cc

  4. 檸檬(百香果)氣泡麥汁 半瓶(約160cc) 

  5. 冰塊適量 


  1. 濃縮咖啡杯

  2. 玻璃杯(200cc左右) 


  1. 先將冰塊置入玻璃杯中

  2. 將生態綠純黑即溶咖啡倒入濃縮咖啡杯

  3. 加入20cc的常溫水至濃縮咖啡杯

  4. 攪拌濃縮咖啡至完全均勻

  5. 把水果氣泡麥汁倒入玻璃杯中

  6. 將濃縮咖啡倒入玻璃杯中

  7. 杯中放上切片檸檬裝飾(放久會有苦味,請斟酌浸泡時間)




This coffee with fruit sparkling malt beverage is combined with OKO Green’s instant coffee and our fruit sparkling malt beverage. We used maltose to substitute normal refined sugar. You will feel the taste is more refreshing and sweetless. You even can taste the smell of fermentation.

The mouthfeel of the instant coffee is bitter and strong. But, the bitter taste makes the fruit smell brightly. The top note is fruits, then the base note is coffee. Two of them are connected by sparkling. It is a really unique beverage.

If you don’t like the bitterness of coffee or malt. You can also put a whole bottle of sparkling malt beverage in. Or, you can squeeze some lemon juice in this fruit coffee. Both of these can make the sour taste replace the bitterness.



【pineapple jam latte & tea with fruit jam】

Want to experience the grace of Russian immediately? Homemaking a cup of tea with fruit jam wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Tea with fruit jam is a unique Russian culture. Since the weather in Russia is freezing cold, it is a must to have a kettle of hot black tea ready at any time to drink. Russian people have a habit of taking a cube of sugar or a tea spoon of jam in their mouth or directly put in a suitable amount of jam to the red tea before tasting. In this way, the fragrancy of the jam and the tea can mix really well together. Not only can it warm the body, but it also satisfies the taste buds.

In Taiwan, there are many different kinds of jam and tea. There might be a surprise through the mix of flavor. Now, let us use the traditional tea with fruit jam and the creative creamed milk tea with fruit jam as an example.