【About GoodWill Foods】

《GoodWill Foods》is a brand who trying to solve the problem of "imperfection fruits". 《GoodWill Foods》supports eco-friendly farming, provides better and more eco-friendly foods, promotes agri-food education. We lead farmland, farmer, consumer into a win-win situation.
We are solving the problem of "imperfect crop" by connect farmer, consumer and manufacturer.

"What happen now?"

1. Eco-friendly farming is a trend in this world. However, the more eco-friendly farmer will get more imperfect crop, even more than 30%!

2. These imperfect crop will not be involved in the market. Most of them will be abandoned.

3. Consumers have misunderstanding of imperfect crop.

4. Even in Taiwan, most of manufacturer don't like to use local fruits. They prefer to use import material.

"Solution from 《Goodwill Foods》"
1. Purchasing imperfect crop from Taiwanese farmers. Increasing farmers’ income, stabilizing prices in farm, and reducing food waste.

2. Manufacturing natural processed products, Providing better choices for consumers.

3. Promoting food and agriculture education, resolving the misunderstandings from consumers. 






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